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Call for Paper

Development, Urban Space, and Human Rights in Europe
Development Debates
Narratives of development
Concepts of Under-Development, Urban Space, and Human Rights
Human Rights Debates
Human Rights and Border Issues
Intervention in Human Rights
Rhetoric and culture of international human rights
Development and the aid industry
Dependency and Human Rights Issues
Intervention in Development Issues
Intellectual Property and Struggle over Resources
Urban Rights, Rights to the City
Urban Informalization/Informality and Citizenship
Social Exclusion, Displacement, and Urban Marginalization
Development, Imagined futures, and existing social realities
Development and perceptions of futurity
Urban Space and Development Practices
Urban Planning and Development Strategies
Development and Land and Water Rights
Development Paradigms and Conceptualizations of Development
European Development Strategies
Sustainable Development
Gender and Development
Entrepreneurship and Development
Insurgent Development Practices
Africom and Intervention
NGO’s and MCC’s and Prospects for Development
Sanctions for Better or Worse
Methodologies of Development
Education for Development
Children and Youth: development strategies for/impacts, rights and life prospects